03. Jul 14 o'clock
Lene und die Geister des Waldes
Dieter Schumann, Dieter Schumann, Grit Lemke
Together with the neighbouring Ĺ umava National Park in the Czech Republic, the Bavarian Forest National Park is the largest interconnected forest reserve in Central Europe, where nature is allowed to develop freely and biodiversity thrives. This is where director and producer Dieter Schumann shot his forest children's film, in which 7-year-old Lene from Mecklenburg experiences the forest and herself anew in the forest during her summer holidays. She experiences adventures with her holiday friends and together they discover animals, the magic of trees and the secrets of nature. The entertaining documentary is consistently told from the perspective of the bright schoolgirl who explores nature with charming curiosity and thus playfully reveals the fascination of the forest to young viewers.