21. Jul o'clock
Kunst in Resonanz
Prof. Pierangelo Maset
In the triennial's side programme, Prof. Pierangelo Maset (L√ľneburg) is invited to publicly reflect on "Art in Resonance" in a lecture. Unfortunately, the event cannot take place at the triennial, but Prof. Maset's reflections can be read here.

One of the central questions in the exhibition is what resonances things make possible across cultural boundaries. Prof. Pierangelo Maset, who has been Professor of Art and its Mediation at the University of L√ľneburg since 2001, has been dealing with the concept of resonance in art mediation for quite some time. After studying art and visual communication, philosophy, English and sociology, he held teaching posts in Weimar, Kassel, Hamburg, Canterbury and Linz, since the late 1970s he has staged exhibitions, readings and performances and published short stories, sound recordings, short films and videos. Maset is co-founder of the Hyde Cartel in Berlin, co-editor of artMediation, a webzine for art mediation, and since 2006 editor-in-chief of the cultural magazine "Das PLATEAU".