23. Sep 16 o'clock
Im Glück
Compagnie nik, München
What do we really need? What do we really need for a happy life? Do the mountains of more or (mostly) less useful things that we produce, buy and throw away again make us happy? Isn't less actually more?
For seven years he stood on all the stages of this world as the "stunningly sensational and magnificently funny Hans Göttmann". But one day, just a few minutes before the 1,678th performance, Hans Göttmann says: "Seven years are clearly enough. I'm going home to mommy now!" He drops everything, takes only the box office with the earnings from 1,678 performances and happily sets off. On the way, he lets himself be persuaded - like Hans im Glück once did - to make one "favourable" exchange after another, until he finally arrives home empty-handed but overjoyed.