20. Sep 20 o'clock
Das ökohumanistische Manifest
Prof. Dr. Pierre Ibisch
Jörg Sommer
The (dis)order of our globalised world based on egoism leads to more and more resource consumption and drives climate change unchecked, but cannot guarantee food, water, education, health or peace for many people. Pierre Ibisch and Jörg Sommer analyse the global problems as well as the often naïve proposals to overcome them. They counter the old thinking that causes the crisis with their philosophy of ecohumanism, which is radical in a positive sense. They plead for grounding our thinking: Starting from nature and moving towards the human being. Their passionate and encouraging manifesto links the acceptance of planetary boundaries with the goal of a just world - and puts humans and their strengths at the centre of the debate about ecology and our future.
Pierre Leonhard Ibisch is a biologist and professor of nature conservation at the University for Sustainable Development in Eberswalde. He is concerned with a systemic conception of sustainability and learning from complex ecological systems ("economics"). Jörg Sommer is a political scientist and sociologist, journalist, book author and chairman of the board of the „Deutsche Umweltstiftung“, founded in 1982, the oldest and, with over 3,500 donors, largest community foundation in Europe.