03. Jun 10 – 17 o'clock
Quantum State: The Symposium
Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste
In collaboration with the 15th Triennial of Small Sculpture, students at the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart from the Digital and Time-based art class (with Professor Heba Y. Amin) invite members of the academy and the general public for a one-day symposium with participating artists at the academy. A live stream is here

Part of the 15th Triennial of Small Sculpture takes place for the first time in a digital exhibition space. Quantum State, therefore, aims to focus on digital materiality and the ways in which the boundaries between virtual and real, material and immaterial have dissolved. Digital tools have not only had a material impact on art objects and reconfigured sculptural plasticity, but have fundamentally changed our knowledge structures. When digital representation reveals itself to already be a symptom of a problematic representational logic that was conceived and embedded within colonial discourse, we have to ask ourselves what it means to engage the digital as creative practitioners. Participating artists explore a range of topics including speculative forms of world-building, AI-driven restorative and healing practices, algorithmic predictive technologies, migration, techno-heritage and digital repatriation.

Artist positions will be presented by Rheim Alkadhi, Lamin Fofana, Mohsen Hazrati, Nkhensani Mkhari, Jan Nikolai Nelles, Mitra Wakil & Fabian Hesse, with opening remarks from curator of the 15th Triennale Kleinplastik Fellbach, Elke aus dem Moore.

Following the program, guests of the symposium are invited to food, drinks and a DJ-Set with Micheal Pham.