15. Jul 17 o'clock
# 2 Resonanzen - Eigentum & Rechtmäßigkeit Teil 2
Kein Schöner Archiv (Nuray Demir und Michael Annoff), Dr. Irene Schöne und Antje Majewski
The accompanying series of talks "#Resonances", curated by Nikola Hartl, is dedicated to one focus of the Triennale Kleinplastik in the midst of each exhibition at the Alte Kelter Fellbach. At #2 Resonances on Thursday and Friday, 14 and 15 July 2022, the focus will be on the themes of ownership and legality. Admission is free.

KEIN SCHÖNER ARCHIV Special - Michael and Nuray build their dream house

The second part of #2 Resonances begins with an input in the form of a lecture-performance by Michael Annoff and Nuray Demir (Kein Schöner Archiv). The history of Germany is inextricably linked to migration. "Kein schöner Archiv" documents the immaterial heritage of the post-migrant society. Immaterial heritage lives from the repetition and transmission of living culture. It cannot simply be locked away in a showcase. Together, Michael Annoff and Nuray Demir collect stories and traditions that would otherwise be forgotten and celebrate them with guests and audience. As guests in Fellbach, Michael and Nuray take up the tradition of "Häuslebauen": Where to put all their treasures?

Michael Annoff is a political anthropologist, curator and performer. Michael Annoff's research focuses on performative culture, identity politics, and social justice in the cultural field. Since 2018, Michael Annoff has been documenting the intangible heritage of post-migrant society with artist Nuray Demir in the project "No Beautiful Archive." Michael Annoff's stations were for example at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, the Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe Hamburg and HAU Hebbel am Ufer. 2016-2022 Michael Annoff worked at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam in the teaching area "Culture & Mediation".

Nuray Demir is an artist/curator in the field of visual and performing/performative arts. Her practice is characterized by a research-based, radically transdisciplinary approach. In her projects, she forms temporary ensembles with people from different fields. She is particularly interested in the debates and concepts of feminist and postcolonial theory. Nuray Demir's work is characterized by a critical view of social exclusion and complex hierarchical situations; she outlines artistic irritations and counter-positions and formulates a space in which social equality can be imagined and strengthened.