15. Jul 17 o'clock
# 2 Resonanzen - Eigentum & Rechtmäßigkeit Teil 2
Kein Schöner Archiv (Nuray Demir und Michael Annoff), Dr. Irene Schöne und Antje Majewski
The accompanying series of talks "#Resonances", curated by Nikola Hartl, is dedicated to one focus of the Triennale Kleinplastik in the midst of each exhibition at the Alte Kelter Fellbach. At #2 Resonances on Thursday and Friday, 14 and 15 July 2022, the focus will be on the themes of ownership and legality. Admission is free.

On Friday 15 July 2022, 5pm, there will be a lecture-performance with "Kein Schöner Archiv - Immaterielles Kulturerbe" aka Nuray Demir & Michael Annoff. The history of Germany is inextricably linked to migration. Intangible heritage thrives on the repetition and transmission of living culture. Michael Annoff and Nuray Demir are collecting stories and traditions together, this time around the theme of ownership, which would otherwise be forgotten. Michael Annoff is a political anthropologist, curator and performer. His research focuses on performative culture, identity politics and social justice in the cultural field. Since 2018, he has been documenting together with artist/curator Nuray Demir in the project "Kein Schöner Archiv", he has been documenting the immaterial heritage of post-migrant society.

Under the title "Nature Belonging to Itself", co-curator and artist Antje Majewski and ecological economist Dr. Irene H. Schöne will talk at 6 pm about the Sculpture Forest Sanctuary, which was inaugurated on the opening day of the Triennale Kleinplastik in a piece of forest in Oeffingen. What does possession mean? Can people own a forest? In the public discussion, in which, among other things, the contractually regulated disuse of a piece of forest along the lines of the "sacred forests" will be examined, Antje Majewski, Dr. Irene Schöne and a lawyer specialising in property law want to investigate what new forms of ecological economy are possible and what new legal concepts might have to be developed for this.