14. Jul 18 o'clock
#2 Resonanzen - Eigentum & Rechtmäßigkeit Teil 1
Brenna Bhandar (Eigentumswissenschaftlerin and Rechtstheoretikerin) and Hannah Vögele (Feministische Eigentumswissenschaftlerin)
"To the will of the spirits stronger than we"

The accompanying series of talks "#Resonances", curated by Nikola Hartl, is dedicated to one focus of the Triennale Kleinplastik in the midst of each exhibition at the Alte Kelter Fellbach. At #2 Resonances on Thursday and Friday, 14 and 15 July 2022, the focus will be on the themes of ownership and legality. Admission is free.

On Thursday 14 July 2022, there will be a conversation with Brenna Bhandar and Hannah Voegele in English. To what extent were land attribution and the resulting claims to ownership implemented in their legal form with racist methods of dispossession, thus creating a subjectivity of power and entitlement thinking that continues to shape Western superior thinking about property and ownership to this day? What are "cultures of property", what are their legal foundations and what impact do they have on contemporary societies and in relation to (German) colonialism and also settler policy?

Brenna Bhandar is a lecturer in law and critical theory at SOAS University of London, where her research focuses on property law, indigenous land rights, and postcolonial and feminist legal theory. Hannah Voegele is a political theorist currently completing her PhD at the University of Brighton with a theoretical-historical thesis on modern property relations. She lives in Berlin and works and organises on (queer) feminism, colonial continuities and state critique, among other topics.